Friday, March 9, 2007

Building on Building (John's intro)

Hand a child two blocks and he will stack them up. Let him in a sandbox and he will build sandcastles. When that child grows up and takes a wife his concern is to put a roof over their heads - to gather and shelter his family. He longs to build.

But that is not enough. Study and thought on his materials and his goal lead, with ingenuity, to a better building. He builds well.

But that is still not enough. As he pours his labor into the work he determines that it would be more pleasing if it had a little flair. So he adds a little art. Pretty soon he is making materials say what is inside him. He gives the wood and the stone and the glass and plaster a soul - his soul. It tells stories. It inspires. It is now fitting to use the word Architecture.

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