Friday, March 9, 2007

Recommendations for Study

Architects fall into two major categories - design architects (those who plan what a building will look like) and architectural engineers (those who make the structure work according to the design). In this study, we'll try to include a fair amount of both disciplines as well as a general cultural appreciation of the subject matter. I would suggest organizing your study according to the interests of your child - have them study each area of this unit, but allow them to dig deeper into their favorite areas.

This unit can be studied on its own over the course of three or four weeks or you can dedicate one day a week to architecture for an entire year. I wouldn't expect to use all of the materials listed here. If you find yourself short on time, I would suggest focusing on the Architectural Engineering segment, the Sacred Architecture segment and one other segment of high interest to the students. Other segments - particularly Great Buildings of the Ancient World - could be studied at a different time.

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Do you have a place that shows the lesson plans all in once place or file?

Thanks! Your site is awesome!!