Saturday, June 2, 2007

Major Bridges of the World

General Links:

The World's Greatest Bridges

Free Bridge Building Software from West Point (this is very detailed, educational and a lot of fun!)

Fun and Learning About Bridges

Famous Bridges:

Pons Fabricius (a.k.a. Ponte Fabricio)
(62 BC)
Rome, Italy
(Tiber River)

Pont du Gard
(19 BC)
Nimes, France

Official website (click on U.K. flag to read in English)
Great site with descriptions and very detailed photos

Ponte Milvio
(109 AD)
Rome, Italy
(Tiber River)

Well known for Constantine's "In This Sign You Shall Conquer" at the Battle of Milvian Bridge, October 28, 312

Ponte Vecchio
Florence, Italy

Structurae - Ponte Vecchio
Brief History of the Bridge

Rialto Bridge
Venice, Italy

Rialto Bridge photos

Iron Bridge
Coalbrookdale, England

Iron Bridge at Coalbrookdale (lots of photos)
Building Big Page
Ironbridge Gorge Museum

Brooklyn Bridge
New York City, New York, USA

Brooklyn Bridge Website

Forth Bridge
Firth of Forth, Scotland

Glass, Steel and Stone page on the Firth Bridge

Tower Bridge
London, England

Tower Bridge Exhibition

Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco, California, USA

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